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Our Journey and Commitment to Sustainability

At the core of Lightner Group, LLC, is the remarkable journey of founder ​Michael Lightner. Growing up in Ward 4’s Georgia Petworth area of ​Washington, DC, Michael's early experiences ignited a deep ​commitment to societal transformation and community enrichment. ​Despite facing numerous obstacles in a neighborhood brimming with ​untapped potential, he was driven to create significant, positive ​changes.

Michael's educational journey, culminating in a Bachelor of Science in ​Architectural Engineering from North Carolina A&T State University, laid ​the foundation for a prestigious 14-year career in commercial ​development. His work has not only reshaped skylines but also fostered ​community development and sustainable living environments, proving ​that from humble beginnings come great achievements.

Led by Michael Lightner, with over 14 years of expertise in commercial development, ​Lightner Group, LLC is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and tangible results. ​We specialize in consulting for energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental ​projects, providing high-level management to ensure exceptional outcomes.

Our mission is to harness the power of sustainability to create energy-efficient buildings ​and eco-friendly solutions that not only reduce costs but also benefit the planet. By ​integrating cutting-edge technologies like solar panels, we are at the forefront of the ​green building revolution.

Our comprehensive consulting services are designed to tackle your toughest challenges ​with precision and expertise. We believe in the transformative power of sustainability and ​are committed to helping you achieve your environmental and efficiency goals.

Ready to join forces and drive change? Reach out to us today and let’s ​build a greener, more efficient future together.

Key Projects and Achievements

In my career, I've led several high-impact commercial development projects that stand ​as testaments to innovation and community enhancement. In Bethesda, MD, I ​spearheaded a groundbreaking 343-unit multi-family community project with a budget ​of $71 million. Our team, driven by a commitment to excellence and innovation, ​incorporated energy-efficient solutions such as LED lighting, occupancy sensors, and ​energy-efficient plumbing fixtures. Completed ahead of schedule and within budget, ​this project set a new standard for residential development. Additionally, the project ​was a design-build for the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing work.

In the heart of Washington, DC, I managed the construction of a 327-unit multi-family ​community, complete with ground-level retail, on a $66 million budget. This project ​integrated sustainable features including LED lighting, occupancy sensors, green ​roofing, solar panels, and energy-efficient plumbing fixtures. Despite the challenges ​posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, my strategic leadership ensured the project's timely ​completion and budget adherence, reinforcing our dedication to delivering high-quality ​urban living spaces. This project was also a design-build for the Mechanical, Electrical, ​and Plumbing work.

My commitment to fostering accessible, community-focused living spaces continued ​with the leadership of an affordable housing project in Washington, DC. As Lead ​Project Manager and Assistant Superintendent, I oversaw a 33-unit mixed-use ​development, enhancing the community with new housing and retail opportunities on a ​$7.5 million budget. Our meticulous planning and execution ensured the project’s ​success, providing valuable resources and opportunities to the community.

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Why Partner with Lightner Group LLC


Our character is the compass ​that navigates the integrity ​of our actions, ensuring ​honesty, and ethical conduct ​permeates every facet of our ​engagements.


We uphold a steadfast ​adherence to moral and ethical ​principles, providing a ​foundation of trust and ​transparency essential for ​lasting partnerships.


Vauling the diverse perspectives ​and contributions of every ​stakeholder, we cultivate a ​culture of respect that fosters ​collaborative synergy.


Our pursuit of excellence ​drives us to transcend ​ordinary boundaries, ​delivering unparalleled quality ​and innovative solutions in ​every project.


Infusing our work with a profound ​sense of passion and care, we ​foster environments of warmth ​and connection, ensuring every ​project is driven by a genuine ​commitment to the well-being of ​our communities and ​stakeholders.


Engrained in our architectural ​ethos is a commitment to ​sustainability, ensuring our ​creations harmonize with the ​environment and endure through ​time.


In a world of evolving challenges, ​our adaptability empowers us to ​navigate change with agility, ​ensuring continuous growth and ​relevance.

Social ​Responsibility

Anchored in a profound sense of ​social responsibility, we strive to echo ​positive transformation within ​communities, embodying a legacy ​beyond bricks and mortar.

Consulting Services: ​Transforming Properties for ​a Sustainable Future

At Lightner Group LLC, we specialize in transforming your properties ​with cutting-edge energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental ​solutions. Our services deliver immediate and long-term benefits, ​reducing energy consumption, lowering utility bills, and enhancing ​property value.

Green Building Architecture

Why Choose Us Lightner Group LLC?

Innovative Solutions

Leveraging the latest technologies for peak energy efficiency and ​sustainability.

Expert Guidance

Tailored advice from seasoned professionals.

Long-term Value

Enhancements that offer lasting financial and environmental benefits.

Increased Property Appeal

Boosting market value through improved energy efficiency and ​sustainability.

Commitment to Excellence

Dedicated to delivering exceptional, results-driven services.

Our Expertise

Energy Efficiency Assessments

Optimize energy usage and uncover hidden savings with our comprehensive assessments.

Sustainability and Green Building Consulting

Integrate eco-friendly practices and sustainable materials for environmentally responsible ​properties.

Environmental Impact Optimization

Minimize your footprint with tailored solutions to reduce emissions and conserve ​resources.

Tax Incentives and Financial Benefits

Navigate tax incentives and credits to maximize your financial savings.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Streamline operations to cut costs and boost productivity.

Sustainable Architectural ​Engineering: Enhancing Efficiency ​and Value

At Lightner Group, we're all about making buildings and spaces that not only look ​great but are good for the planet too. With over 14 years in the game, we're not ​just drawing plans; we're creating places that bring communities together and ​help the environment. We believe in building a better future, one project at a time.

Why Choose Us Lightner Group LLC?

Holistic Design

Integrating multiple engineering disciplines to create sustainable, high-performance ​buildings that stand out.

Innovative Solutions

Utilizing the latest technologies to achieve maximum energy efficiency and sustainability in ​every project.

Practical Expertise

Providing tailored solutions that enhance property value and performance by addressing ​specific needs.

Value Addition

Creating sustainable designs that reduce costs and increase market appeal and property ​value.

Sustainability Focus

Dedicated to building environmentally responsible structures that meet current and future ​standards.

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Our Expertise

LED Lighting

Upgrade to energy-efficient LED fixtures that dramatically reduce energy consumption

SMART Thermostats

Optimize heating and cooling with smart thermostats.

Occupancy Sensors

Control lighting and HVAC systems with occupancy sensors.

Solar Panels

Equip your rooftops with solar panels to generate clean, renewable energy, reducing ​your carbon footprint and energy bills.

High-Efficiency HVAC Systems

Reduce energy consumption with efficient HVAC upgrades.

And Many More.............

Comprehensive Project ​Management: Excellence from ​Conception to Completion

At Lightner Group LLC, our project management services ensure ​smooth, efficient, and successful project execution. With years of ​experience, we skillfully coordinate every aspect of your project, ​ensuring it finishes on time and within budget.

Why Choose Us Lightner Group LLC?

Comprehensive Management

Holistic project oversight from start to finish, ensuring smooth execution and attention ​to detail.

Innovative Design

Combining engineering expertise with innovative design for aesthetically pleasing and ​structurally sound projects.

Budget Expertise

Delivering projects within budget through expert cost estimation and financial planning.

Quality Commitment

Strict adherence to quality and compliance standards, guaranteeing project integrity.

Effective Communication

Proactive stakeholder engagement and clear communication to enhance project ​success.

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Our Expertise

Holistic Project Oversight

Seamless Execution: Comprehensive management ensuring projects are completed on time ​with meticulous attention to detail.

Construction Engineering and Design

Integrated Solutions: Blending structural integrity with aesthetic value through innovative ​design principles.

Cost Estimation and Budget Management

Financial Precision: Expert budget planning and cost estimation to deliver superior projects ​within financial constraints.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Standards Adherence: Ensuring strict compliance with quality and regulatory standards for ​project integrity.

Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

Proactive Collaboration: Enhancing project success through effective communication and ​stakeholder collaboration.